Wednesday, 21 June 2017

We heal

Hi Folks. I intended to write a post election piece here but tragic events overtook that and it seemed inappropriate. It also seemed like bullying to wade into reviled and feeble May and her shattered supporters as the scale of her defeat became clearer. To win but lose so much is unprecedented in our political history.

We watch as Tory policies of unlimited austerity, dementia tax and a lot more are shattered to pieces in the wake of the election. In the Queens  speech today Corbyn spoke with a new vigour. The dissent in the labour Party is very muted now, almost nonexistent.  May sounded like she might burst into tears and although we saw a little of her pissed off Thatcher face she is a defeated woman and the haughty conviction is gone. Tory policy is bankrupt of new ideas. It has nothing for the young and has managed to alienate it's own older voters. 

Rupert Murdoch has spectacularly failed to oust Corbyn as a viable contender in the new battle for hearts and minds. A battle where reason over profitable expediency rules the day. A fair days pay for a fair days work. Where it is argued that the vulnerable and needy should  get what they deserve. Where dignity and belonging is restored. That public services will be restored and the people who look after us are properly paid and acknowledged. That social need is always a priority over greed and that the only way to overcome the terrorist doctrine is to stand together with all the good people of all faiths and creeds, genders and nationalities. A new way. A new day. We won't get this from these Tories clinging on to power for dear life. Who would have thought that she could even consider the idea of a pact with the DUP?

Life goes on. 
Many years ago the EBB met a guy called Bruce Barthol. He had been the bass player with US band Country Joe and the Fish. The EBB met him when we with Blackhill Enterprises. Bruce was then in a band called Formerly Fat Harry and also with Blackhill.
We played quite a lot of gigs together and our paths often crossed on the road. When we were recording Hotel Room Bruce lent me his Martin acoustic guitar for the rhythm parts. Country Joe had given this to Bruce as a gift. It was a pig to play with fat strings and not really an Edgar Broughton action. It also had a small crack as I remember. It sounded fantastic though. So much so that it was decided to overlay the acoustic guitar parts many times. By the end my hands were cramped and blistered.

Any way I am playing a gig with Bruce at The Rifle Volunteer, 141 Reading Road, Wokingham, Berks RG41 1HD
-this coming Saturday between 3pm and 6pm. So if you are nearby drop in. It was a lille bit short notice but I suspect it will be some thing lovely and different from my usual gigs, so here goes. Looking forward to meeting up with you Bruce.

Recently I finished the lyric to a song I have been working on for months. That means mostly sitting around playing the chords and hoping something would come of it. Finally it did and here is the lyric.

We heal

Flowers in a bowl
coming into bloom
I feel there's someone  else inside the room
and there is something in the way
of what they want to say to me
I'm just the listener for today

The room is filled with violent things
vestiges remaining
and happy things of childhood
summer time but raining 
then -there they are - you think they are
the one who could have saved you
and you spend too long wasting time
wishing you could let them

We cry when it hurts
when it burns 
like fire
we cry when it hurts
we heal 
with time

Something in the air today
weak and pale like drowning
like all  the world was breathing in
then falling down and floundering 

A little child
entering the room
learning not to do what we do wrong
back when he was centurion
in the fields of Verdun
I'm just the singer of his song
Fill your heart with loveliness
acceptance no regret
no blame nor claim on any one
young and old all thriving
then - there - there they are - you think they are
three birds flown off a building
there's time enough - just enough
to find the deeper meaning

We cry when it hurts
when it burns 
like fire
we cry when it hurts
we heal 
with time


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