Thursday, 23 January 2014


Hi Folks,

Just to say the MP3 single In The Noise has been delayed due to technical issues and my tendency to rip my tunes to bits and start again. Now the song will be released at the end of next week

I am putting down vocals right now and really enjoying working with Logic on my Mac, recording a complete piece for the first time. I have dozens of half finished songs in various stages of development but it is time to cease procrastination and get on with it all.

As I have been getting deeper into the technology of Logic Pro I see the restrictions and limitations of previous technology disappear with every passing day. I have been thrilled by the ease with which I have been able to progress what are probably some of the heaviest tracks I have ever made as well as some melodic songs.

I have only just finished the lyric for my song for Mick Farren, The Sound Don't come. This is a song I first played at The Borderline last time out. I seem to be writing some thing every other day and this is a new experience. There were years when I only wrote a couple of songs. Currently it works out at two a month plus sketchy ideas for songs.

I had a great week with Bob the bass player last week writing and arranging bass parts. We have a half dozen songs on the assembly line now and the best is still to come.

I will be heading out to Greece in March for a return visit to the very wonderful DRUG STORE in Athens. I'll be playing two dates on the 7th and 8th of March and then, hopefully  I will be heading out to Norway in May, for a FDPFAFDW gig and a spot of fishing Norge style.

I am really enjoying semi retirement and not worrying about what is next. I only play the dates that seem attractive to me though I never refuse a FDPFAFDW date. I am not in any rush to change my relaxed approach. I have spent too long taking the strain and feeling the stress for no good reason in the past. This said I do like being out there among the white lines and so I manage to get out and about as often as I can. Any excuse to plan a road trip. I'm off to look at some potential locations for shooting some video material for a couple of songs. I have a cutting list of shoots and a fair idea of where I am going with it. I also have a shiny new Canon 
EOS 600D.

The torrential rain that has been thrashing down for hours has stopped. The sun is shining and it is time for me to get myself together to head out with camera in hand. There are a couple of guitar effect pedals I am in interested in trying so if I come across them then tested they will be.

Time then, to get organised, put the recording on stand by and proceed to the next episode. All good. More later.



mike from Albuquerque said...

wonderful as always to get an update.Please keep them coming.

Dean Butler said...

Hey Edgar looking forward to videos. If you need a campervan as a prop let me know :)
I was watching an iPlayer episode called Danny Baker's Rockin' Decades - 1. The Seventies. You got a mention on it.
Lovely Camera BTW :)

edgar broughton said...

Hi Guys
Thanks for your comments. Thanks Dean for the offer. Could be fun. I will be in touch soon.