Wednesday, 17 October 2012

See YOU there?

Are we seeing the beginning of the social engineering that will attempt to create a new order nation that will compete with the low paid emerging nations?

Is it possible that this Government and their friends want to create a new work force that will work for next to nothing, like robots with out rights?

Perhaps you might find this a little far fetched. You may be right to do so or you might be horribly mistaken. I am not sure but we are seeing the poor and vulnerable disenfranchised by the posh boys who have never gone with out a square meal or been forced to work for the minimum wage in a culture that puts the interests of the rich above all things,

This government is victimising the poor and vulnerable in the name of saving money while their banker mates are still not lending the money they were given to help small business and they continue to worm their way out of any accountability for the mess they helped to make.

I don’t need to list the endless examples of wasting our money by the ConDems that we see everyday.

We are all beginning to feel the effects of the decimation of public services. 

Social work has become reduced to the point that the streets are slowly filling up with people who should be receiving care. There is little on offer for those who need it most.

Hospitals are often understaffed and dirty. Pastoral care takes a back seat while the paperwork mountain increases for every one.

I have heard terrible stories from genuinely sick people who live in terror that their benefits might be removed and there have been several suicides when this has happened.  ATOS have been asking people what television programs they watch to help establish their intelligence level or to see if they could sit in front of screen and serve some function that could qualify them as employable. 

June Mitchell applied for sickness benefit.  When examined by ATOS, she complained of breathlessness and feeling tired.  She was scored zero points and found fit for work.  She went back to her GP, was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer and died shortly afterwards.

A nurse in Scotland was so shocked at ATOS’s behaviour that she blew the whistle on them.  She said that people with serious lung diseases were found fit for work as long as they could sit in front of a computer, and that parents who attend with their children are automatically found fit for work.

If the Tories get their way, within five years the UK will have a smaller public sector than any major developed nation.


 From "compassionate Conservative to growth rainmaker" to state-shrinker, Cameron has gone through a huge change since 2005. But that is nothing like what lies ahead for the rest of Britain in the next five years. Prepare yourself for welfare to be downsized into American-style workfare, for public-sector jobs to be turned into a second-class employment and for services, from school to healthcare, to demand that users pay more to get something decent. The future is American.

We face the biggest attack in a generation on public services, pensions, the NHS, education, benefits, jobs. Virtually every aspect of society is being affected by the governments austerity measures and over 80% of cuts are yet to be implemented.
This can only be challanged if everyone stands together in one mass movement which says no to all cuts.
On 20 October 2012 the Trades Union Congress has called a national demonstration in Central London against austerity under the slogan ‘For a future that works’. The march will be led by the young unemployed.
We must work to make sure this is the biggest possible day of action against all cuts which brings together everyone in society who is being affected.
We expect people fighting austerity in France, Greece, Spain and other countries will join us.

If any one wants to hook up with me on the march on Saturday please email me

If you cannot be at the march you can still sign the petition at

See link below for info.  



Jarle said...

The fire is still burning bright....good to see Rob, best of luck marching for justice and sanity!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! GOOD STUFF Edgar. Atos is a vile organisation.

By the way how is the biog going?
Reading some of your posts going back a while I think your story will be fascinating.

Bob is really well at the moment and he says hello. We will be on the march.
See you on the day.
Power to the people.
Mary and Bob

edgar broughton said...

Hi Jarle and love to all.

Hi Mary. Glad Bob is well. Excellent!

Unfortunately the biog by Sally Fadelle is not going to happen. Lots of work but at the end, no product.
Still, it is merely another one of those little blips that seem entirely insignificant weighed against the things that matter right now. I wish Sally well.

I hope lots of good folk turn out on Saturday though I also expect that many of our friends and associates will be watching it on telly like they did last time.

Onwards and upwards and be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

I have been living in the us for many yaears.My son fell mentally ill whilst living with me and without medical insurance.He was arrestd at the airport trying to board an aircraft without a ticket,he was delusional.He was sectioned and admitted to a hospital where he had a bean bag instead of a bed.They rushed me for $75,000.Shame on America.

Anonymous said...

sorry my spell check isn't working.

Anonymous said...

The above story is a warning as well as a very disturbing experience for the comment writer and his son.
The Welfare state here is some thing to be proud of and the USA has a poor record on this even though Obama consistently tell his electorate that the US is the greatest country in the world. No it is not.

Is it now time to nationalise utilities / fuel/ railways etc? Take profit and greed out of the equation and save money on obviously wasteful Government initiatives and U Turn expense.

What ever you think - march! march for a future not infested with posh boy culture.


Innocent Bystander said...

And I thought Superchip (one of my favourite EBB numbers) was fictional...

Anonymous said...

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