Sunday, 4 March 2012


you can't evict an idea

I was sad to see the eviction of the OCCUPY demonstrators out side St Paul’s cathedral. I believe their message and cause is one of the most cogent and justifiable and I wish them well. They will not go away and the eviction has re-galvanised the main body of their support. Their arguments are reasoned and clear and must rings massive bells with any one who has an idea of the extent of old school capitalism’s increasing failure to function. The debate OCCUPY invites us to is vital and we should give serious consideration to the issues they raise. Only the other day I heard a 16 year old on the radio speaking so eloquently about the real issues that face his generation and how he had seen OCCUPY as the first group he could identify with. The young man was not just concerned about national / local issues but expressed concerns on a global level. Slowly but surely many young people who have felt un-represented have a voice and they are being politicised through the machinations of politicians and a system no longer fit for purpose.

A couple of other very interesting sites to check out

COALITION of resistance

BANK of ideas

The year seems to be racing by and already I have some exciting adventures to look forward to including some serious bass fishing in Pembrokeshire later in the year.I believe a return to trip to glorious Norway might be on the cards to perform and to explore. Time is running and I still have to go deep into that wonderful wilderness before I am done.
At the very beginning I was not so keen to be so busy this year but it looks like that will be dictated, as usual, by others. I am certainly looking forward to the fair days pay gigs this year. Having played a lot of them last year I am totally hooked on meeting and playing for my hosts and their invited audiences.The weather looks like it might warm up and soften any minute and then it drops back to the cold and grey. A bit like my beloved L.F.C. but we live in hope. I can tell you that as soon as the weather calms a little I will be out on the bike. I have been working on the engine(me) and have lost a stone in the past weeks. When another stone is gone I will be flying, well…. It is all relative ha ha!

I have had a few interesting offers to hook up with various artists and I will be doing some of that for sure. I am working with a colleague at this time towards putting some thing special together in October. It is a long way off but if we can find a suitable church for the venue then the rest will follow. We have some very extravagant ideas for the show and as soon as thing are settled I will reveal all, bit by bit, on here. I think last years Castaway show in York was a kind of prototype for the show I have in mind.

I am currently working on electric things and after a year of acoustic playing I’m loving playing with effects pedals again. I’m programming one of my vintage Zoom pedal boards for acoustic guitar use so that should give some new options. I want to incorporate the pedals and a Boss RC –30 Loop station in solo shows and ensemble gigs.

I am going “home” to the midlands to jam with some old friends this week. It’s not some thing I have done before and that is one reason for doing it and I might find some folks to play with on a more structured and regular basis. While there I will be doing a show on on Thursday 7th between 10 pm and Midnight.

New things is a theme for this year so any body else wanna play?



Anonymous said...

Coalition of Resistance

Can't Pay, Won't Pay
Not one more cut
Protest on Budget Day
11:30am, Wednesday 21 March
Downing Street, London


Anonymous said...

You have a good life mate. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

I thought I had found another 'celeb' to fight the cause of those in need. Like Edgar this man comes from a solid working class background, something he likes to go on and on about online. But unlike Edgar this man, I discovered to my horror, has a bigger ego than the belly hanging over his pants! Still I got a free lunch, if I had known I would have had the most expensive thing on the menu and asked for a bag then taken it to one of the many homeless on the streets outside our swanky restaurant. The man in question had previously put in an email how he hated any show of ostentation!

Our Edgar is a national treasure! None of the celeb sh*t has gone to his head!

rickmedlock said...

Great to meet, talk and jam with you last week. Look forward to the next time. Upwards on onwards :)

edgar broughton said...

Thanks Rick. I thoroughly enjoyed it all. We'll do it again ....Soon.