Thursday, 8 September 2011

I first came across Mad pride through their website some years ago. I like what they stand for and the way they go about their missions. Some time ago I said here that I was prepared to play for a worthy cause so here we go. Hopefully this is the first of many. I hope I might see some of you supporting this on the night. It will be my only London gig and another way to fight back and .....have fun. Power to you all!



Anonymous said...

Sod it! I'm working that night.
Never mind ....see you at The Robin 2 in November.


Tony & Karen

Anonymous said...

Well another kind of MAD PRIDE has just come to an end on BBC that being the Last Night of the Proms! Interesting that amidst the sea of Union Jacks there was the odd olympic flag or French flag and so on but a whole river of Norway flags flowing in to the Union Jacks!

The Proms, for me still remains the best musical event of the year, any year. The principle behind it as stated by it's creator Sir Henry Wood, 'Music for the people at a price the people could afford.' Lots of money is raised for musical charities which help promote and keep alive classical music and opera which has to be a great thing. Young people get opportunities they may otherwise not get to be a part of this often exclusive, (in both senses of the word), world.

The Proms I can watch. Glyndebourne I can attend and I have nothing but admiration for both as I can lose myself in the beauty of the music. The Last Night of the Proms is brilliant and I would happily queue for days in the pouring rain to get a ticket BUT it does raise important questions.

Wendy Cope did a new narration for Benjamin Britten's 'Young Persons' Guide to the Orchestra.' She said in an interview that she first went to the Last Night of the Proms many years ago and was determined not to join in the patriotic singalong at the end due to her left wing politics. She said that despite her best efforts she found it infectious and found herself joining in.

I found this interesting as it raises the question, well in fact lots of questions, but mainly 'Why did she feel it inappropriate to be patriotic due to her left wing leanings?' Interesting - well I thought so!

But yeah Mad Pride great stuff Edgar. Mad? They are more sane than the rest of us!


Anonymous said...

Lyrics for today! Good stuff and bon chance with the Mad Pride gig. said...

mad pride was top,and look forward to the tune about the old''persons'' home bein' on next year's album,that you mentioned.

lurca x said...

And if you want to see a coupla photos, I put some up on farcebook ,where I am known as lurking lurca x