Friday, 3 June 2011

the road is a ribbon...the ribbon is my way back home

Luke and I will be playing in Leicester on the 18th of this month so if you can be there we promise some thing very different and special. We have spent the last couple of days rehearsing and will be hooking up in Leicester for more rehearsals. For me playing and singing with Luke is a joy. I am so proud of him. It's like one brain and two sets of hands and mouths. He will be performing a couple of his own songs during our shows togther.  I can't wait to show you what we are up to. I must thank Gaz Birtles at THE DONKEY for his willingness to put this together at short notice.

Last Sunday was a special time for me. I went to play at the post wedding bash of Neil and Sacha. It was a small affair for friends and family in a Moroccan / Spanish Cafe called the Cafe Mauresque in the picturesque, cobbled streets of old Canterbury.

neil and sacha

I am learning a lot from playing the FDPFADFDW shows. Some songs have a wider appeal than others and although I write a set list every evening I rarely keep to it once I have gauged my audience to some extent. There are some songs which always work and I get the chance to ask a few folk why they like them. There is always lots else to chat about and my Canterbury audience was no exception. They also asked some incisive and interesting questions about my life and work.

Neil and Sacha's guests were lovely people and a very warm audience. It was a summery and busy evening outside and the streets were very noisy with the sound of young students celebrating their holiday. I would have gone down to ask for a bit of quiet but it was the sound of enjoyment so fair play. We closed the windows and I ploughed on and had a great time. The meal we had afterwards was very nice but it was the company that made it for me. After a short time I felt I knew the people I had only just met and we chatted like old friends. I had met Neil and Sacha at previous gigs and Neil and I had emailed each other over time.

Thanks folks for a great evening. Another gig done and lot's of very happy memories for me. Congratulations to Neil and Sacha on their recent marriage and my very best wishes for their future life together.

PS The bottles were not all part of my rider for refreshments....though one very nice cognac was.



Anonymous said...

Yeah! Leicester should be great. Looking forward to checking the changes or should that be ringing the changes? Have a great time Edgar. See you there.


Anonymous said...

Green Lights,Rooftops Freedom and Love in the rain maybe. Ill be at the Donkey.

Anonymous said...

No Hookahs at the party Rob? The ones you smoke I mean.