Wednesday, 6 April 2011


I have just been catching up with the dialogue in the comments on the previous post. I am very pleased to see the debate is ongoing. In some ways, I think it is part of my “job description” to provoke and evoke as well as inform and entertain. It is true I wrote the “job description” and made it up as I went along but still, I see no good reason to change it.

Since I put my own website up and began my solo endeavours I have had lots of requests to do interviews, especially around the fair days pay for a fair days work gigs. That seems to have struck a chord with lots of people. I picked my way through the interview requests and decided I would only do three. As usual I have talked at length about the band, politics and where I am now.
One of the interviews was shot on video and a guitar was produced to enable me to sing a few songs. This was unexpected so it gave things a little buzzy feeling. I like that. One was based on supplied questions to which I wrote my answers another was an audio interview that took place outside the British Museum. Catch the Tea ceremony there if you can. I will place links to these interviews at very soon.

Time was when interviews were the province of radio, tv and the music press and unless you were in vogue or flavour of the week the exposure for an artiste through these channels was very limited. Now there are dozens of online music magazines and fan sites which provide a platform for the likes of yours truly.

You might have noticed that the gigs page on my website has opened up with a few dates. The first public date will be at Glastonbury Festival on the 24th of June this year. Luke will be playing that one with me and then next day I will be playing a FDPFAFDW gig so that will be a contrast. We have had a rehearsal and we are both very excited about performing a new show together.

On August the I8th I will be playing a date at The Duchess in York. I will be performing a show called CASTAWAY. This will be a one off performance that won’t be repeated. I can assure you it will be very different from what you might normally expect from me though it will include a lot of vintage material. At some point I will be posting the programme here.

People are still booking the FDPFAFDW gigs that begin in May. Remember, it doesn’t matter what you earn or what your income is, if you will pay me the equivalent of one day of your pay, pay my travel expenses, feed and accommodate me then I will come and play for you at your private event. I have been asked if there is bottom limit that would make the thing uneconomical. The short answer is no. In the new reality everything is negotiable.

I will be recording all of the acoustic FDPFAFDW gigs and a compilation will be available at the end of 2011. I plan to take advance orders for a cd copy of individual shows, from any one attending who wants one.

I am recording new songs including the one that nearly got away. I wrote about it in my earlier post -The anatomy of a song. Over the next weeks I will be putting bits and pieces on the Works in progress page of my website.
So, the sun is shining and its high time I got out on my bike. In a day or so I will be setting out on a small adventure, a voyage of discovery when I hope I might be lucky enough to catch my first sea bass of the year.



Anonymous said...

edgar you will always be a hero to me and like minded people.

Dave said...

Nice to hear things are going well Rob and you are back on the bike.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear about the gigs. Haven't seen you play solo before but will certainly try to get to at least one of them.


Anonymous said...

i remember seeing you play solo,must have been sometime in the 80's,i think Kevin Ayres was on the same bill.Great to see you going out there again,i will try to get to at least one gig.

Anonymous said...

Great to know you are back in action. Can you tell us some thing more about Castaway? A new departure? Finally I like the way you change these posts around. Never know what is coming next. Excellent. Keep rocking!


Anonymous said...

Great that you are playing those gigs this year, especially Glastonbury. Think the Fair Days Pay ones are more interesting tho'. Says something about you and your values.


Anonymous said...

Can get to York so come on Edgar tell us what is Castaway?

Don and Sarah

Anonymous said...

simply dropping by to say hey