Wednesday, 24 February 2010

the shape of the bergen shows as recorded

The trip to Bergen in Norway was a lot of fun. It started out a little strange when we were checked in at Gatwick with all our gear in about ten minutes and no excess baggage to pay unlike our last trip. The decision by airline staff to charge excess fees seems to be entirely arbitrary. The flight was uneventful and we had a tail wind that reduced the flight time by twenty minutes. Better and better?
Next we were stopped by customs at the airport in Bergen. Their doggy liked us though. Eventually they let us in having established we were neither terrorists nor carrying contraband.
I hit the bed in my hotel room at around 6am after watching the Winter Olympics so I missed breakfast. Steve brought me some to my room which was very thoughtful. It got me started for the day ahead.
Around lunch time Steve, Luke, Sonny and me headed out to the nearby national radio station for two interviews with Bjarte a protagonist for vintage rock music on the Norwegian radio scene .
He was a charming host and best of all he had done his home work. I remember listening to both Luke and Steve and wondering what their answers would be. It was strange lsitening to Luke talking about life and music with his dad. It made an interesting change from some of the inane questions we get asked during interviews.
Later we sound checked and prepared for the Friday evening show. It went well but there were a few small glitches but nothing disturbing.

For some time I have wanted to play a set list where the music starts gently and builds smoothly through the show.
We tinkered with it at the 100 Club. Steve decided to go the whole hog and produced a set list that did that. See the screen shot at top of page.
We moved a song or two around for the Saturday show and that went even better. The audience was very warm on both nights.
As usual it was very nice to meet up with old friends and meet new ones. My good friend Jarle presented me with the gift of a beautiful Sami Kuksa (drinking cup) carved by hand from a birch burl. I will treasure it for ever.
Thanks to all at The Garage for their support and assistance, Special thanks to Torgrim, Dennis and Reino. The Garage is a venue where staff try very hard to service bands and provide a good atmosphere in the venue.
Thanks as always to Spadge and Ric. Gentlemen to the core.
Shattered but content we flew out of Bergen as the snow fell steadily. Very satisfying to see how well the Norwegians cope with this snow stuff. Life just carries on and planes fly
I guess it will be quite a while before we return to Bergen but time will tell. Mean while we are looking to explore the possibility of some shows in other parts of Norway, especially in the north.
Sonny was our photographer for this trip and I will be posting his photographic high lights here later.

Don’t forget we are on telly on Friday the 5th of March, METAL BRITTANIA
at 9p.m. on BBC 4.


Anonymous said...

Altho i was'ent phyisicaly there with you all , i was spiritualy! and hey we enjoyed it!

Jarle said...

Hi Rob and you all.
I wasn't able to post this on the Yahoo group, so here it comes ;
The gigs in Bergen were just....great!
As Rob says, it was a quiet and beautiful start, escallating to a show that rised higher and higher into an orgasmlike feeling that lasted long, compared to curling our toes some seconds in the real world :)
Fridays set list :
Green Lights
Last Electioneer
Six White Horses
For dr. Spock
Speak down/Moth/Why can't somebody
Hotel Room
Side by side
Call me a liar
Nighthogs/Momma's Reward
Catch my breath
The Birth
Love in the Rain
and ODO.
Fantastic set eyh ????
Saturday was even (if possible) better, so it was a weekend in Bergen that'll be remembered with great joy until I hang up the phone for good sometime....
Thank you guys.

Anonymous said...

And I thought a rock star's life was all sex & drugs & rock & roll.
More like breakfast, rugs & wooden bowl!
But look on the bright least you will be able to use your bus pass on the night bus back to Wandsworth.
Still with you all the way....

Tony H.

Anonymous said...

Have just watched Metal Brittania. Congratulations to the band on getting on the programme with all those other significant rock luminaries.

Some have aged much better than others. Art still looks like a mere boy (does he dye his hair!?).

Have never been a "heavy metal" fan, although I did see Black Sabbath at the Students' Union Portsmouth Poly in around 1969/70.

I also recall seeing The Roadrunners around 1964, in a school hall/gym near Leamington (Lillington)? Am I right in thinking this was Rob & Steve's first band? If so, there are probably not too many other current EBB fans who can go back that far!

Vic Bojan, Essex