Saturday, 22 November 2008

Hi Folks,

I have decided to take a break from writing The First Supper. The time has come to re-assess, re-group and re-organise. When I have news I will start up on here again.
Until then very best wishes to every one of you, especially those of you who have contributed with your comments. Seasons greetings and have a wonderful 2009.


Edgar Broughton


tony said...

Thanks for the first supper blogs ive always found them to be of great intrest, ive not always commented due to the fact im not always able to convey my thoughts to the written format, but im always here reading, so thanks Rob i look forward to you resuming when you'r ready

have a fruitfull break

cheers to all

Anonymous said...

Tonys comment says everything i would wish to say. many thanks for shareing your thoughts and news with us.Look after yourself.Hope to see you again in the not too distant future.Best wishes John &val B.

Anonymous said...

Yes thanks Rob for always an interesting read. take it easy and come back soon. It's a rallying point for me and I'm sure lots of others.

Jarle said...

Tony's words says it all also from my point of view.
It's always interesting to read this blog and I look forward to have you back writing your stuff whenever ready Rob.
All the best - to all.

TimCo said...

Yes, as the others have said, thanks for all your writing and efforts in general. A rallying cry of sanity and righteous anger in these madder by the day times. Your comments re baby P were typically apt and wise.
Enjoy a good rest and break and happy adventures.
Hope you feel like blogging again whenever that may be.
all da best,
Tim in Brum.

Anonymous said...

Rob, Many thanks for all your past blogs which have, at times, made me consider alternative ways of assessing situations in my life.

I last saw the EBB play at Deal, Kent in 2006 (?) and still watch the DVD as often as I can. I look forward to seeing you all again one day soon.

Very best wishes

Anonymous said...

Ditto all the above comments Rob, always an interesting and thought provoking read, you enjoy your break, will look forward to your return as and when, seasons greetings to you and yours, keep well.


Anonymous said...

I would like to add my thanks for all the thought provoking First Supper blogs and to all 'commenters'. Best wishes for your re-assessment and re-organisation Rob. On a personal note, I hope that when you emerge from this period of reflection, you find time and inspiration for a new chapter of the EBB ( and maybe a few gigs - perhaps even one near Shoreham Steve!)

Best Wishes to all

Paul hiding in the Dales

Anonymous said...

Just to echo the sentiments of others here - I too will miss the blog but look forward to new beginnings.
Many thanks to Dale dweller Paul for your kind thoughts too.
First Supper has evolved into a unique community in a short space of time and long may it continue, fuelled by your intelligent ponderings, Rob.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks my friend.
Look forward to hearing more from you when you are ready

Anonymous said...

Have a good break. I, like many others, read and learn from your words but don't always have the writing skill to add things. Looking forward to it starting again.

Anonymous said...

I don't usually write any thing here but I thought withj the temp pause of your blog I would say a little some thing. Unable to read your new thoughts so I trawled back through yours and your brothers writings last night and the past few monthes writings are laced with clues to your now. There are traces of a growing frustration .... it feels like you are going through big change and that it's ok with you but not others. Remember what you do is important to lots of us and we'll miss you but we all wish you happiness and peace. Please come back ..... when you are ready.
Sue and Gavin

Anonymous said...

For a very brief moment in time there is no difference between an end and a beginning ..........


Anonymous said...

Have you for now said enough words on behalf of the band?
Love to you all.

Tony H.

Anonymous said...

Killings killings war fighting bombing murder stabbings , what a legacy for us to leave to our children .
its just endless ,


Anonymous said...

You said it all before. There is nothing left to say. So many lies, contradictions raging in our lives.You know the rest.

Anonymous said...

The blogs are always interesting and encouraging....and I know that we can only really change ourselves.But come back soon,together we are stronger!
Peace and Inspiration,Ade.