Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Hi Folks. Luke has come up with his decision for the winner of the previous competition. In fact he has come up with a tie so two people get Rockpalast Live CD's. The winners are -
"You sure this is where that guy from E.M.I. said to meet him ?" from Peeramudsage
and "If the band hadn't missed the last train to Clarkesville their musical direction would have been very different". from pAUL. So folks email me and I'll organise postage of said CD's.

We have one more gig on the date sheet and then its back to the drawing board. Mean while I have been putting The Deliverance video together. I'll post it here soon. I have been writing new material and chilling. I managed to watch the Olympic road cycling races and the time trials which were a total joy but it has completely trashed my internal clock. I am truly on Rob time now which is frustrating for others and gets weird for me after a few days. I love it really. Just never got down with the early morning people unless it is in a very good cause or the start of an adventure. I can always rise then no matter how little sleep I've had or what time it is. I'm heading out east by the sea and rivers over the next few days. I plan to get lost in it all - regenerate and do what I like. More on this in the next post.

Mean while here is another competition. The prize is a full band width DVD of the Shaman Calling video plus extra unreleased ONE goodies. You have to invent what I was thinking in the photo above. I'll be the judge and I will favour non humorous entries just for a change. Leave entries in the comments of this post. Usual rules. As many entries as you like with a different name. Comp ends Thursday 21st August.

Today in London it feels like a Autumn. I hope you are all finding ways to enjoy what is left of this strange summer.


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Anonymous said...

War .... War is comming , have we learned nothing.
Oh what of our Children.


Anonymous said...

Winds of change........taking us where?


Anonymous said...

all the eights 88

jeff coleburn

Anonymous said...

It's too much I want to say but could not find the necessary juncture.


Anonymous said...

Will they ever find a way to fix the horizontal hold? Oops sorry I forgot this should have been non-humorous (lol)


Jarle said...

Together we can make a change, Out Demons Out...

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Strange days. Who can save us now?


Anonymous said...

Some times less is more - ah ! There is ONE


Anonymous said...

One for all and all for ONE


Anonymous said...

So am i inside looking out or out side looking in?

Barold Bodo

Anonymous said...

Travelling is sometimes the best part of the journey.

Cosmo Sweet

Anonymous said...

You think I'm up, I'm down
You think it's fair, you wanna share?

Phil Robb

Anonymous said...

having trouble with email. if mail didn't get through email me pault(at)
ta pAUL

Anonymous said...

All these colors spill out of my head in disbelief.