Thursday, 8 May 2008

The above photos reminded me of some thing I haven't seen for years. I remember "the blue bell wood" close to Warwick when we were kids. Around this time of year a thick carpet of lush flowers filled the floor of the woods. This is a lovely time of year and it really looks as though the better weather is moving in. Mean while fishing from the rocks and beach is still slow and my hopes of an early, largish sea bass were dashed over the bank holiday. I still had a great time trying and managed to take in a few sights like the one above in between fishing sessions, playing with swords and other favourite pursuits.

So now you know what I do when I can combine chanting ( not at the same time ) with a little sword play by the sea. One of my favourite combos. I make no claim to being adept but I enjoy practising.

Well it wasn't much of a surprise
to see New Labour take a kicking. Poor old Gordon must be just a little disappointed with his own and his party's recent performance. The lovely Fern Britten recently interviewed him, giving him the chance to describe " the man who is p.m". He stumbled, spoke briefly about his kids and moved back to where he is most comfortable - making slightly dour, un-enthusiastic comments and entirely unoriginal suggestions as to how he will restore confidence in the party. He almost pleads for more time to get his message across. Some one said to me that it looks like a chronic case of - don't wish too hard for what you want, you might get it. He might well be thinking - it is better to travel than to arrive.

Boris is mayor of London. That might be amusing and who knows he might bring something different ( snigger). Any way I agree with the view that Ken was getting to view the job as a permanent arrangement. They say a change is as good as a rest. Don't they?

The EB Band is rehearsing over the coming weekend so I will be adding a few pics of that and may be a little video in the next post. Mean while Art will be judging your exceedingly silly captions for the photo of his illustrious self.

I noticed the excited little Chelsea upsurge on the comments section of the previous post. It must be very much of a novelty to be in the final. I note that my comments re Man United were met with some surprise. No one likes you as was predicted and you only know how to sing when you are winning( lol). Still, may the best team win is what I say and seriously, if CFC win then they will truly deserve to have done so.


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Anonymous said...

Hi Rob. Maybe you should have asked for captions for your short video.

How about "Com'on Moby Dick, I am ready for you!"

Great picture of the bluebells in the wood there is a similar spot I pass each morning which is stunning.

Keep up the good work


Anonymous said...

I don't know much about fishing but I reckon you're frightening them off with all that chanting, Rob. Maybe you're trying to attract sword fish. My apologies but it had to be said !
Well the original Lord Mayor of London was a Dick and now we've got another one ! Word is that the Tories have surrounded him with advisors and spin doctors to try to avoid Boris from.......well, from being Boris really.
Years ago I worked in a factory where the bosses had the idea that we should elect a spokesperson for each department. My fellow workers thought it would be 'fun' to elect a chap who was a complete wally - just for a laugh. The incident returned to my mind when I heard Boris had won. I hope the laughs are worthwhile and outweigh the predictable disasters.
Hope the rehearsals went well.

Anonymous said...

Nice video. Love new songs on Myspace especially ice on fire. Bloody hell thats sad but makes you feel it. Bloom is excellent and tough comment still where lovers fly in open skies is where i wanna be. BUT NO ENGLISH DATES. Sod it can't afford a norwey trip.