Tuesday, 7 August 2007

With his usual attention to detail Dave has arrived at the following judgement of the competition.
The shortlist:

Soldiers of the light - karmel
a definite possibility as a title track, very astute karmel, you're a soldier in the same light as the rest of us and we would never send you to war.
These are the days (if it wins give the cd to the lad who had a disagreement about the seat belt!) tony
i like the sentiment tony!
"The First Supper".- adrian
sometimes the most obvious is the obvious choice, it is a wise man who makes the obvious choice but still..... i will pick something else
FOR THOSE WHO CARE.. - Michael a Joyce you deserve something Michael for the most entries.... if those who cared were as persistent as you then the world would be a better place

The longlist:

North South East West Side Story -nobby smithstein
interesting perspective
'5 minds ago' -seem paul
too retrospective but i do like it, just 2 minds ago you might have wonStill dreaming.Still scheming - dr.h
indeed, we are... time to wake up v.soon
'Special relationship' - adelita
nice idea but sounds like a recipe for disaster
'Time to build The Ark' - ramblinmad
steve's already made one out of 5mm mdf

Dave Cox - Guitar Genius! - shoreham steve
'THIS is Dave Cox' (with special guests) - mario brega
both worthy of another mention!

On another day
perhaps yesterday or tomorrow
i would pick one of the titles
that held my own name in the greatest glory
but what counts, is not what you did yesterday
or will do tomorrow
it is those selfless acts
that we do today that make the difference

it doesn't matter what you did
or what you're gonna do tomorrow
its what you do

soldiers of the light
for those who care
these are the days

my winner: "these are the days" (for selfless acts)


Tony email me your postal address and I'll send you the CD. Thanks to every one else for their creative suggestions.

copyright e d g a r b r o u g h t o n 2007


Anonymous said...

Allow me to break the ice and leave the first comment on this one......yippeeee!

ramblinmad said...

Well done Tony! and well deserved.
Not only does it say it all, but as a statement, it can't age either - sweet!
Sound of deafening applause -
Amps turned up to '11'


shoreham_steve said...

Nice one Tony. And nice to know that the judge couldn't be bought by cheap flattery - although it was worth a try !

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Tony. Is this the same Tony who stood out in the rain in Germany ? You deserve it mate. Hope to see you down the road.

Paul in the Dales