Thursday, 8 May 2014

off to Geoff and Rea's

mr bradshaw at the wheel

Well I am off on my travels again. I'm off tomorrow to play for Geoff's birthday on Saturday in Derby. It should be really good 'un. Geoff and Rea run a guest house and apparently, I will be staying in The Wasa Wasa suite. Cool!
Geoff has a three piece rock outfit and lot's of lovely muso gear for me to peruse and possibly use. I hope the weather holds. I will always remember the fair days pay gig in the Lake District. It poured the whole time but still we had a great time. That was one of my high light gigs. After the gig, on Saturday night, Mr Bradshaw my tour manager is coming to collect me at about 1 am. We will drive to Wigan for meetings with all concerned, on Monday, around our concert for the local homeless folk in a Wigan church, later in the year. I want it to be very special.

I had a very nice time with Steve and Art a couple of weeks ago. A nice social and jam session. Very laid back just rolling around bits and pieces and just seeing what came out. I liked it. It reminded me of the earliest days when we played just because it made us feel good. In my case it didn't always make me feel good but it usually made me feel better. After years of getting together to fulfil an obligation, gigs to played or a recording to be made etc, it is very good to play music for pure pleasure, with out restraint or any commitments. I was never very fond of rehearsing at the stage where it is necessary to polish parts of an arrangement over and over again though I like the results. I want what I do to have a similar free styled frame work that we had when I started playing in a band. This why I love the freedom of solo gigs but, I miss the noise. Any way Steve, Art and me are going to do it again in a week or two.

I'm off to Norway for a couple of gigs towards the end of the month for Elisabeth at her cafe/bar called Kulturbua in Kristiansand on the 23rd May and next a FDPFAFDW gig for Gry and members of the Rock Club in Larvik. After that four or five days of chilling, sight seeing and fishing in the Larvik area.

Ok so this next idea is a slightly new departure for me but one I would like to explore further. I recently had a FDPFAFDW enquiry for some one who has been a long time fan and who is ill. This came from some one who is also a fan and some one who obviously has a deep attachment to the person on whose behalf, they contacted me. Neither has income enough to pay me one days worth of it. So what do I do? I play the gig that is what I do! That gig is a surprise gig so I'll say no more.
This got me thinking that I have time and some resources, including friends and associates who can assist me, so if you know of some one who really deserves a freebie email me and we'll consider it. I cannot promise to give a yes to every one but I will try. 

It is time to pack the last bits of gear for the next days adventures so I'll get on with that and get back to you later.



Anonymous said...

I just hope EBB rises again.It would make so many people deeply excited.Out Demons Out.

mick skevington said...

Geoff and Rea's guest house is the best i've ever stayed in.Geoff has an amazing selection of guitars.i can guarantee your comfort.Have a great time,

mick skevington

Anonymous said...

AFDPFAFDW A Fair Days Pay for a Fair Days Work..........for free !
That is typical Edgar Broughton !
Always supporting a good cause, putting it above financial reward.
Brilliant !