Friday, 29 November 2013

post cards to a prime minister and other things

The above post card sent to Harold Wilson, UK Prime Minister from some where in Germany a long time ago.

'Dearest Harold, Here we are in Germany again. Hope you received our last card. Hope you can put a block on Enoch [Powell]. We don't dig your politics, any ones, but power to the people of all colours. Best wishes Edgar Broughton Band' 

The above photo was sent to me by Brian Sexton. Don't ask me where he found it though I shall ask him. It is always strange when I am reminded of the things we did back then that I have no recollection of until i see the evidence ha ha! It occurs to me that it was possibly a very stoned idea to send a post card to Harold Wilson especially as Brian says the other side of the post card had a 3D picture of a topless woman. Not very politically correct today but it might have appealed to the beer and sandwiches P.M.

Back then we were rampaging polit rockers as described by German media branding and young Mick Farren was a UK Panther who wrote prolifically and also had a band.
I set out on Friday last for the Borderline club in the heart of The West end. Last time there was sad and bleak after Mick collapsed during his performance. We few who remained were mostly quiet or made hopeful, positive noises but it was all in vain. I stayed until there was nothing else to be said and no one I wanted to say any thing to. Out side, in the world, it was humid and the sky was full of warm rain. The air crackled.
I feel sure we all went home slightly stunned and feeling blue that humid night back in July. I remember how good that dank, Blade runner, dirty city air felt when I eventually took the stairs, up and out of the club. The audience had long gone and I stood in Charing Cross Road just breathing and feeling how good it is to be in this world, for all it's grimness and dark iniquities. The rain poured down and I stood watching the folks rushing by. Just to be there and to witness it all felt wonderful. It is amazing how some things that might have seemed mundane and routine only an hour before, can seem to have become wonderfully fresh.

So back in the room. A quick and easy sound check and then off to the dressing room with no coat hooks to hook up with Here And Now for the second time. They are a very nice crew who play some pretty out there toons that really deserve closer inspection.A really banging outfit with passion and imagination. All sorts going on here with weaving analog synthy stuff that reminds me of the days of the incredible EMS VC3 modular synthesiser and other psychedelic wonders.

Time to roll. The sound guy got me off to a good start with a lovely onstage sound and I enjoyed every minute of it. The audience was attentive and mostly seemed to get me so I guess the out front sound was cool too. I poured it all out and got lost in the noise for a while. It was kind of cathartic. I wanted to out some of my own demons this night along with those of the gig that never happened. It was fun and the audience were very nice to me. I elected to play some very new songs including my song for Mick [The Sound Don't Come] and a couple of old ones. The time passed and I was done and it was time for Here And Now. I watched the band for a while. I loved the physical experience of the Here And Now's bass player knocking some very tight, chunky bass lines out of the sub woofer of the p.a. system, a few feet from where I stood. Lovely!

Time to go. I started up the stairs once more into the West End night. Outside it felt good in the crisp November air and I was buzzing from the gig. 
Thanks to promoter Jim Driver for keeping the faith and battling against the odds. I think Mick would have dug it.


Last night I played Billy Blake's birthday bash at the Ivy House in Nunhead. It is a great idea to celebrate the great man of the people on his birthday. It was the usual off the wall happening with some quite extraordinary musical and poetic offerings of hugely varying types. Some of it was quite riveting. Absolutely Mad! 

I had another lovely time on stage with another warm and very appreciative Mad Pride audience.  Some people here have interesting and deeply moving things to say. Some struggle but they don't given up the fight easily. 
I headed off into the night and on to the night buses.  I love that part. Off the stage and into the world where I am immersed in the intrigue of the night people, the lights, the all night eateries, exotic 24/7 shops and the constant flow of people from all corners of the world. I was buzzing on a bus as we watched the world go by, as we passengers passed through the world. Brixton was still bubbling with thronging peoples and would be for some hours to come. This is a great city.

So I have played my last gig for this year. Now I am going to take some time to advance one or two top of my list projects for the next few months and get some work done on the electric project in Warwick. 

Some of my own personal high lights from 2013 happened at FDPFAFDW gigs as they have since I began playing them. One of my better ideas, I think. So Fair days pay for a fair days work gigs can be booked for 2014 from the 1st of January 2014.


p.s. hi sue in brum. sorry you missed the borderline gig. hope you are recovering well from your recent op. x


Anonymous said...

Hi Edgar. Your set at the Borderline was a complete surprise for some of us. Who would have thought the growling Edgar Broughton of recent times could evoke such emotion in an old timer like me. Sweet and special songs with a twist and what a vocal range.
It's another side to a man whose music has been part of my life for many years. SPLENDID!
Jack and Donna

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there. Just come out of hospital myself. All clear though. Hope the lads do it tonight mate. We gotta keep up there at the top end over Christmas. Lotta faith in Rogers though. keep well and come and play Liverpool soon eh?

edgar broughton said...

How kind. Cheers Folks. Glad you liked the gig.
5-1 Dazza. That'll do but although I have a soft spot for Norwich they were not all that and no where near as tight as Hull. Say no more. Glad you are out of hospital. Take it easy.

Dave said...

Hi Edgar, glad to read you are well. Listening to Sing Brother Sing as I write, in particular the rather good bonus tracks and right now the uplifting Up Yours! Just want to say you were a fave band of mine from the late 60's/early 70's , saw quite a few gigs and you always delivered 100%. Sad to hear about Mick Farren, the Deviants were another great band. I remember being a bit pissed that you didn't credit the Fugs for Out Demon Out but it was hilarious that you made it onto Top of the Pops with it and of course it was a high point of your early gigs. Being a Beefheart fan, I thought it was a stroke of genius when you created Apache Dropout. Anyway, thanks for all those great times and may you have many more. By the way, nice to hear about the Hear and Now band as I was a fan of theirs too!

Anonymous said...

Don't remember EBB on totp nor do I remember Deviants as a great band, definitely not up to EBB standard. Still its all about personal taste in the end though I saw the Deviants at a festival in the summer they were truly awful and poor old Farren could hardly breathe let alone sing.

Anonymous said...

Going in to the new year - past quarrels should be put to rest - life is too short for ill feeling. We all make mistakes but if given the chance to put them right never throw that chance away. Give a real gift this Christmas - say sorry - be humble the gift you get back will be far greater than the one you have given. This is not religious as I am not religious this is just TRUE!!!!!! If you hold an ipad or an xbox or a bottle of perfume or even a pair of socks this Christmas day it will not feel as good as a peaceful mind & a warm feeling. Bitterness breeds bitterness & love breeds love if sincere.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sue says thanks for the kind thoughts, now recovered and back at work! Hope to see you in new year.
Sue & Steve

Anonymous said...

Great gig Edgar really looking forward to the next. To the sentimental Christmas poster who did not leave their name yes we all make mistakes mine was not putting an ipad on my Christmas list last year but this year I have done so the rest of the world can argue all they like I will be searching out Edgar Brougton stuff on the internet. Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Do you ytill have any EBB t shirts available.might be interested in buying what you have.Out Demons out.